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Discovering and maximizing one's unique talents is the foundation of a successful and fulfilling career

Natalie Ackerman is a Certified Executive & Career Coach, speaker and workshop facilitator who specializes in helping individuals, leaders and teams know and productively apply their personal strengths for maximum career fulfillment and performance.  

Natalie brings more than 15 years’ experience managing products, programs and projects for companies like United HealthGroup, Carlson Marketing Worldwide and Citigroup.  She also co-owned a financial services franchise for 7 years where she managed over 50 agents and recruited and trained 100+ sales professionals.
During her time there, the branch grew to #50 out of 2,000 branches worldwide. 

As a leadership coach, Natalie’s primary area of expertise is helping individuals and leaders reach their full potential by removing self-limiting beliefs, empowering them
to take risks and grow in leadership presence, self-and other-awareness. She
works with emerging and new leaders, recently promoted leaders and executives. 

Natalie’s passion for people’s strengths came from her own career transition.  After experiencing more than 15 years of corporate career success, she ended up in job that wasn’t an ideal fit.  It was through that difficult time that Natalie did a lot of self-discovery and learned what her true strengths were.  She discovered that her job at that time was not leveraging her strengths but was requiring her to use non-strengths.  In the end, she felt very defeated.  She was eventually laid off from that position and it was life-changing.   As a result, she established her own coaching business where for the last 5+ years she “plorks” (plays + works) every day, fully using her strengths and encouraging others to do the same.

Believing that every person is created to uniquely impact the world around them, Natalie gives people clarity, confidence and courage to bring their best selves to their workplace, family, community and the world.

Her message is simple:  no matter if a person is in an entry level position or the CEO, personal strengths make all the difference to success in work and in life.  In fact, personal strengths are the “secret ingredient.” 

Natalie's top StrengthsFinder talents are:   Woo | Maximizer | Activator | Arranger | Positivity 


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